Task Description Output
  • Products
  • Sculptures
  • 2D media / Paintings / Prints
  • Nikon D800 RAW files
  • Processing required
Image Editing
  • RAW Development, Corrections (contrast curves, color adjustment, spot removal, crop, keystone)
  • Format export: resize, file type, batch processing
  • JPG files at 100% quality
  • Ready to use or for further processing
  • Pixel perfect corrections (w spacial and depth context)
  • Deep etch background removal (w feather for Depth of Field)
  • Creative retouching, shadows/reflections (basic or 3D rendered), composition change
  • JPG or PNG files
  • Ready to use
Graphic Design
  • Line Art
  • Render 2D / 3D
  • Motion Graphics
  • Short video clips
  • Print layout / Brochure / Poster / eBook
  • Typography / Custom Font file
  • JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF, TTF files
  • Ready to use
  • Website Design / Responsive Design
  • Blogger / WordPress CMS support
  • Digital setup / Google Cloud Platform (GCP) hosting, Domain setup, Google Analytics setup
  • Social setup across social media platforms
  • Updates and revisions / for social / for ad banners
  • Monitor and report / search, analytics, social
  • Content strategy (checklist)
  • HTML, CSS web files
  • MP4 video files
  • Bespoke and ready to use content


What is Bob Newman, a digital creative offering a range of creative services.

Whether you have a sketch, a prototype or a product sample, working with Newman will help you by creating professionally crafted communication assets.

The process starts with a chat about what you need. The range of solutions include product photography, print ready layouts, material for your social, or a website.

As a marketplace of ideas, the web is a densely crammed and highly competitive space. A premium investment in communicating your value proposition will help you to stay a step ahead.


Clients include designers, artists, and small businesses who need high quality promotional material.

Here are a few reasons why you should have confidence in NewmanX:

  • Offering a wide range of integrated capabilities
  • Serving clients since 2012
  • Multidisciplinary experience and qualifications
  • Connected to a network of creatives, in house and external, and more than happy to refer you to other specialists
  • Responsive, transparent and friendly


Everything at here is made with or inspired by open source tools and big data platforms, especially Linux and Google. These are the workflow tools:

  • SOFTWARE: Blender (3D, animation, video, motion graphics), Darktable (photography), GIMP (retouching), Inkscape (vectors), Ardour, FontForge, Musescore, Google Web Designer (GWD), Ubuntu Desktop
  • CLOUD: Google Cloud Platform hosting available (LAMP web servers w Ubuntu image)
  • HTML/CSS: Customised website design with Google Material Design Components (MDC) responsive frameworks, GWD HTML5 keyframed animation
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Nikon D800, studio setup for tabletop photography


The studio is based at Square One Studios in Alexandria, Sydney


Projects are prioritised based on client needs and availability.

Typical projects are short term engagements with timely turnarounds.


Oh, by the way, you would be working with me.